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Innovative next-gen daily supplements, formulated by experts for the healthy development of you and your baby.

Unparalleled quality.

We use only the best ingredients, in their most bioavailable forms.

Pregnancy is a science,
and so are our supplements.

Duocap® technology involves the combination of one small capsule within another larger capsule, separating sensitive ingredients and allowing optimal release timing to maximise the uptake of each ingredient.
This means you get everything you need in just one pill.


The separation of sensitive ingredients, allowing optimal release, timed to maximise the uptake of each ingredient.

Ingredient Synergy

The separation of key ingredients across two capsules allows for an enhanced synergistic effect.

Capsule-in-Capsule Delivery

Delayed release capsules allow all of the nutrients to be absorbed and utilised effectively by your body.

Reduced Nausea

Designed to ensure the inner capsule dissolves in your small intestine, the optimum place for absorption.


Taking care of your body and your brain.

Our formula has been carefully designed to support your body, your baby and your mind, all the way from preconception to breastfeeding.

Backed by science.

Developed by our in-house team of experts.

Registered Dietitian and Public Health Nutritionist

Leading Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner

Chair in Urological Sciences, Human Microbiome and Probiotics



We're here to
set new standards.

Every decision we make, from our folate supplier in Italy to the algae we source for our leaflet, is made with our customers, and sustainability, in mind.

Welcome to the next generation of supplements that work for both you and our planet.

Body and mind.

Wellbeing and immunity

Maintains long term heart, bone & joint health, while supporting your nervous and immune systems.

Mood and energy

Balances mood and reduces stress. Optimises metabolism, maintains energy levels and reduces fatigue.

Cognitive wellness

Improves concentration, memory, reduces effects of 'baby brain', may reduce risk of postnatal depression.

Neural development

Folic acid plays a large role in cell growth and development, as well as tissue formation.


Supports natural  fertility and promotes preconception health.

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